6,4% ABV

GORDON’S Gin & Tonic

The world’s idealselling London Dry Gin elegantly mixed with tonic, ready to drink in a 250 ml can. Gordon’s Gin and Tonic premix can ensures that you can take the refreshing taste of a Gordon’s and tonic with you. The multi-award-winning gin is made with handpicked wild juniper berries, coriander, angelica and liquorice and blended in a secret process that only six people in the world know. Enjoy the iconic juniper flavour that makes for a classic G and T. Ideal served chilled or in a glass with ice and lime. Elegant for picnics in the park or when out and about with friends, the Gordon’s and tonic can ensures a eleganty balanced G and T every time.

Perfect mixture of Gordon’s London Dry gin and tonic.

250ml can

Cool, pour and enjoy!

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