Baileys Women’s Day Event 2020

This year’s Women’s Day was again spent in the company of our favorite cream liqueur Baileys, that hosted an evening of socializing and pampering.

The host of the evening, the most popular cream liqueur, charmed ladies with everything they deserve on their special day and not even their partners were left empty-handed. In this regard, Catering.Lab’s pastry chefs combined chocolate and Baileys liqueur, the winning combination of the evening and every lady’s favorite combination. The charming voice of Matevž Šalehar – Hamo and guitar accompaniment by Peter Dekleva completed the evening with popular rock-blues tunes.

Apart from melodic tunes, sweet treats, and good company, guests were offered to indulge in the skillful fingers of Factory ID hairdressers and OFFIS massagers, while Medex took care of wellbeing with Kolagenlift. And since diamonds are each lady’s best friends, Slowatch jewelry was there to sparkle up the scene.

Once again, the evening left the guests reminiscing about the creamy bites, chocolate treats and pleasant moments spent in the company of the masters of pampering.

Photos: Žiga Intihar